This is very cool - and something we have talked about years ago..... great idea and very good for recycling. Our only concern was the fact only adults with a big craft knife and a lot of time can assemble it. That and whatever chemicals / dirt the box may have on / in it after being trucked or shipped around the planet..... eek(!)
HAHA! Told you so! ;) 

One in seven parents actually report that their children played longer with Christmas present packaging than the actual toy, with almost twice as many parents saying their children preferred playing with boxes than gadgets:
I am playing around with an iPhone app - thinking it will be nice to have some animated 'how to construct your BoxiToyz' on the site ..... Here is my 1st attempt that took 5 mins:

The following quote is taken from an article written by Shirley Wang, published by the Wall Street Journal -

"For years, imagination was thought of as a way for children to escape from reality, and once they reached a certain age, it was believed they would push fantasy aside and deal with the real world. 

But, increasingly, child-development experts are recognizing the importance of imagination and the role it plays in understanding reality. Imagination is necessary for learning about people and events we don’t directly experience, such as history or events on the other side of the world. 

For young kids, it allows them to ponder the future, such as what they want to do when they grow up"