Wow! Complete with Imagination Booster Cards....
Wow! Almost came out perfect! Just need to adjust a tiny amount so the train's chimney sits in top properly --- I think everyone will agree this looks awsome!

Well done Nicolas for his excellent design ---more to come soon!
Full size prototypes being made, great to see the designs Nicolas spent many hours on finally being printed full size!!!
I am playing around with an iPhone app - thinking it will be nice to have some animated 'how to construct your BoxiToyz' on the site ..... Here is my 1st attempt that took 5 mins:

Trying out some ideas for the packaging... Should have full size prototype in production soon
Flying back from Seattle ---
So after getting our prototypes made and photographed - I took a little flight out west to Seattle.
The feedback was really positive - and hopefully will lead to a distribution deal!
So....... some of us here at BoxiToyz have a background in the non-profit world.
We just had a call with a worldwide organization that helps children. We won't say too much at this very early stage, but lets just say a lot of different options were discussed and all of them really motivate and excite us!

Could we change the world one box at a time?    It's possible...

Imagine if you have more than 1 child? maybe as many as three - - 'I'd need a whole squadron of BoxiToyz Air-Wa-Plane's - I hear you cry!

What a good idea - and that's what we are working on....

3 different color Air-Wa-Planes for a complete BoxiToyz squadron!


Working hard to get ready for meeting with distributors who have already shown interest in BoxiToyz!